For propulsion applications use rotary seals.
Widely used in all types of marine system:
•    Propeller shafts and stern tubes
•    Azimuth and tunnel thrusters                                 
•    Rudders (Rudderstock Radial Lip Seals) in endless or split types
•    Steering gear
•    Stabilizers
•    Gearboxes and associated plant

Each product of this service has been developed and proven to give:
•    Bearing protection
•    Lubricant retention
•    Exclusion of contaminants
•    Minimize the leakage of fluid media

Product rotary types: Simmering & Radial Shaft Seals
Materials: NBR, ACM, Viton® (FKM), HNBR, PTFE

Comig is offering original German (FREUDENBERG), Japanese (NOK), English (WALKERSELLE), Italian (FP) Radial Lip Seals
Xpress service available for all rotary type.